You’re not crazy, cravings are real!

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage that most women will experience at some point in their lives. Another stage they will most likely experience is “the crave”. Cravings are not to be messed with, especially when they hit you at an unusual hour, say 3am in the morning when you should be asleep (be kind to your other half). In fact, between 50-90% pregnant women experience cravings. Not all cravings are weird and out of this world like cotton, rubber, sponge, toothpaste, chalk, even bubbles. But some cravings can be very specific…


“I craved pie and mash from a specific shop in Debden! It had to be from there otherwise it just wouldn’t satisfy my craving! This was all good until it was past 5pm or a Sunday then it was shut!”

“I craved Lemon Barley Lucozade with my first. I can’t think of anything that I craved for my second – probably just Greggs”

“Hard, yellow cheese, cheddar, tomatoes, anything made from potatoes – roast, boiled, chips, crisps!”

“Homemade scrambled eggs with my daughter and shop bought Pakoras with my son. It had to be shop bought”

“The first I craved Jamaican Pattys. For my second I craved ice cream mixed up with Haribos and ate it all together with carrot sticks.”


As much as there are cravings, there are also quite a few things women hate while being pregnant…


“I used to love mushroom soup but I could not stand the smell of it when pregnant, never mind eat it.  In fact it took me a very long time to like it again.  I always love tea but every time I was pregnant the thought of drinking tea made me sick”

“Basmati rice, the smell of it cooking made me nauseous and I also couldn’t stand oil, butter or margarine”

“I went off raw meat. My sense of smell was so high; the smell of it made me sick, couldn’t touch it, let alone cook it”

“I craved pie and mash during my first pregnancy but then totally went off red meat. It’s weird because I could still eat pie and mash but if it wasn’t the pie, I just couldn’t eat red meat”


What did you crave while you were pregnant? Comment below and share your stories.