Frequently Asked Questions – Using a Babycare TENS machine during birth

Can any TENS machine be used?

–          No. Babycare TENS machines are specifically designed for childbirth. Specific features include larger pads than the other TENS machines and a boost button. This boost button gives that extra surge of power required for contractions. The Elle TENS + has a contraction timer that helps you to calculate the times between your contractions.

How safe are Babycare TENS machines?

–          They are very safe. As a drug free pain relief unit, Babycare TENS machines are specifically designed for use during labour. With this in mind, a TENS machine should NOT be used before the 37th week of your pregnancy (unless under medical supervision).

–          It is also advised NOT to use a TENS machine if you suffer from Epilepsy, any kind of heart disease, pacemaker but it’s very important to consult a medical professional beforehand.

Can a Babycare TENS machine be used in the hospital?

–          Yes, but remember to tell your midwife that you are using a TENS machine as you may have to switch it off temporarily as the midwife uses other electronic devices for other tests.

–          The TENS machine can also be used alongside gas and air or pethidine.


If you have any other questions about Babycare TENS, feel free to contact us through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Using TENS with epilepsy

There does not appear to be any reason why you cannot use a TENS machine if you have epilepsy. We have checked this out with a consultant neurologist in the past, to establish if patients with epilepsy can safely use TENS machine and his answer was “Yes!”.  Electrical stimulation is not only safely used in TENS machine but  is in fact  also used to treat intractable epilepsy. However, if you are unsure please contact you medical advisor or Epilepsy Specialist Nurse for further guidance.