Cooling tips for the summer


Summer is approaching, the temperature is raising and you’re pregnant which means even more heat. What are the best ways to keep cool? We’ve thrown together a few tips on how just to do that without too much of a strain and in ways that you can still enjoy the sun.

  • Wear light coloured clothing as dark coloured clothing absorbs heat
  • Take quick showers often and or carry around with you a spray bottle filled with cool water
  • Try to keep your feet up to reduce swelling
  • Any extreme tasks you may need to do, try to do them early in the morning or in the evening as temperatures are much cooler around these times
  • Grab a few naps here and there. Your body temperature drops when you’re sleeping
  • Carry around a mini battery operated fan, they always come in handy!
  • If indoors, crack a window open or two and take in the fresh air. More than likely it’ll be cooler outside than it is indoors
  • Keep out of the direct sunlight. If you do want to enjoy the sun up close and personal, don’t forget your sunscreen
  • Most importantly keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water, keep some ice on hand. You can spice it up a bit with an ice cold smoothie or “mocktail”.

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