The SensaTONE – The Open Secret


One in three women suffers from some sort of incontinence during their lives, occurring at any time but most commonly after childbirth. Although it’s not life threatening, the severity of incontinence can vary, causing depression, soreness and isolation.

incontinence 2

There are three types of common incontinence. Stress, urge and mixed. Stress incontinence occurs when sneezing, coughing, laughing, lifting and exercise which causes a small amount of urine to leak. Urge incontinence occurs with a sudden, strong and uncontrollable urge to urinate. Mixed incontinence is simply a combination of stress and urge incontinence.


What does PFS stand for? PFS stands for Pelvic Floor Stimulator, which essentially is the SensaTONE. A PFS helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. Just like all the other muscles in the human body, the more you stimulate them, the stronger they will become. For women, having a strong pelvic floor muscle means they have an increased vaginal tone, enjoy a greater control over their bladder and enjoy a greater sensation during intercourse.

The SensaTONE is an ultra-simple yet powerful digital PFS.  Compact and stylish, this unit has been designed for women of all ages to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and to treat any incontinence one may have.


PFS has the method of passing very mild and safe electrical pulses via an internal vaginal probe to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. The SensaTONE has 4 pre-set modes each treating a different type of incontinence. Using the internal probe ensures that you’ll be stimulating the correct area.

Having incontinence can be a very embarrassing thing for a woman, but by having a SensaTONE at hand, you’ll never be embarrassed again.

sensaTONE pack shot

You can purchase the SensaTONE on our website by clicking here

You can also get an up close look at the SensaTONE by watching our video on YouTube here


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