Bizziebaby awards the Elle TENS+ *SILVER*


Bizziebaby, one of the most unique product review sites online, managed to get a hold of our Elle TENS+. Being the first of its kind, the Elle TENS+ sports 3 units in one, treating birth pain, general pain and pelvic flooring toning.  A sample of our brand new TENS machine was sent out to the Bizziebaby testers for reviewing. After the fantastic response from the results of their testers, Bizziebaby awarded us with their SILVER award! Just missing out on GOLD by a couple of marks.

Elle TENS+ Silver certificate labour pain


Everyone at Babycare TENS is thrilled with the results and we’d like to thank everyone at Bizziebaby for not only taking part but also for the fantastic award.

You can check out the reviews for the Elle TENS+ by clicking here

Visit Bizziebaby by clicking here

You can purchase the Elle TENS+ and many more TENS units by clicking here

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