You can use your Stimplus/TENS for migraines!

Anyone who suffers from migraines and the associated symptoms knows that they can be completely debilitating. Not everyone gets the same symptoms, but the pain of a headache which just won’t go away and wide range of other symptoms that may accompany it can be tackled! Treating migraines is one of the most common uses of TENS machine. The aim of TENS machine is to reduce the intensity of pain associated with a migraine and to reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, promoting a faster return to normal life.

The first step is to place one of the electrodes on the lower neck area and the second one opposite as shown in the diagrams on page 18 of our booklet “An Easy Guide to TENS Pain Relief“. Select the timing to 30 minutes, set the pulse rate to 2 pulses/second and select continuous mode. Then set the output to obtain a firm intensity, and repeat the treatment after a break of 30 minutes between each treatment. You can repeat this treatment as often as needed to obtain relief and recovery or use the TENS machine in continuous mode until relief is obtained.

If you have a Stimplus unit this can be used to provide electroacupncture at the same time as using your TENS machine to enhance the treatment – follow the instructions on page 3 of your Stimplus instruction manual and apply the probe to the points as shown in the chart H headache, migraine treat each point for 30 seconds and repeat as needed.

If you are feeling severe nausea and /or vomiting then follow the instructions on page 21 of the Easy Guide by applying the second set of TENS electrodes to these points on the wrist and treat as described above.

It may also be helpful to use other treatments in association with TENS machines e.g. analgesics, migraine medications, acupressure on the wrist points (if you want an alternative to using the TENS electrodes) and relaxation techniques etc.

Recent Research: Allais G, et al.(2003) Non-pharmacological approaches to chronic headaches: transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, laser therapy and acupuncture in transformed migraine treatment. Neurol Sci. 2003 May;24 Suppl 2:S138-42. TENS, laser therapy and acupuncture proved to be effective in reducing the frequency of headache attacks. Acupuncture showed the best effectiveness over time.

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