Babycare TENS – still great to use after the birth!

Before you had your baby, you might have heard of TENS machines. They can be used for a whole range of pain conditions. In particular, there are several post-delivery conditions, which might affect you and which can be helped with your amazing Babycare Tens machine!

These sort of conditions that are common and are described on pages 14-21 of our booklet “a Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief”. There we set out both suggested body and ear point treatments, which are described in detail.

The conditions include the following:

Shoulder pain: – this is often associated with breast feeding;
Perineal and after pain;Anxiety and Depression;
Dysmenorrhoea – period pain;
Pre-menstrual stress and headaches;
Residual back pain;
Pelvic floor weakness and incontinence; and
Post Caesarean delivery incision pain

N.B. A combination of body and ear points are described for all the conditions listed above and these can be treated with your Babycare TENS machine and/or your Body clock Stimplus Unit together and or with ear acupressure if the use of a TENS machine is not convenient at the time

Recent Research:Smith CM, Guralnick MS, Gelfand MM, Jeans ME.The effects of transcutaneous  electrical nerve stimulation on post-cesarean pain.
Pain. 1986 Nov;27(2):181-93The results suggest that TENS was significantly more effective than placebo TENS in reducing cutaneous,
movement-associated incisional pain

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