Babycare TENS – also good for pre-menstrual tension and headaches!

The aim of a TENS machine is to reduce the intensity of pe-menstrual tension, and associated headaches whilst remaining alert and in control.andd also promoting a feeling of general wellbeing.  Babycare TENS machines are also excellent for this purpose.

The first step is to place two pairs of TENS  electrodes on back of the neck as shown in the diagrams and instructions within our booklet “A Women’s Guide to Drug Free Pain Relief” on page 18. Set the treatment length and use the techniques as described there.

An alternative is to use two electrodes on the point ST36 as shown on page 7 but you need to sit or lie down for this one. The ear points and hand points can also be treated with your Stimplus or with acupressure and this is also described at the bottom of page 18.

If you have a Stimplus unit you can also treat the body points as shown in the Stimplus Manual at Charts H and I ‘Headache, Migraine and Menstrual pain’ for 30 seconds on each point – don’t forget the hand points between the finger and thumb and also don’t forget that you can do this at anytime of the day/night.

Recent Research:Vernon H, McDermaid CS, Hagino C (1999)  Systematic review of randomized
clinical trials of complementary/alternative. Complement Ther Med. 1999 Sep;7(3):142-55.
Evidence from a sub-set of high quality studies indicates that some CAM therapies may be useful
in the treatment of these common forms of headache.

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