Using your Babycare TENS after a Caesarean Section

TENS machine is a popular and effective method of pain management used by women who have had a Caesarean Section.

The aim of TENS machines is to reduce the intensity of the post-operative Caesarean abdominal pain and to help keep the mother alert, who is then able to attend to the newborn baby; avoiding the secondary effects of analgesic drugs over the mother-newborn relationship. Babycare TENS machines are specially designed for this purpose.

The treatment could not be more simple – just place two pairs of electrodes on the abdominal wall on each side of the incision line or as shown in the diagrams and instructions on page 21within our booklet – “A Women’s Guide to drug free pain relief.” It is recommended that you use a dedicated Babycare TENS machine during this procedure. It is a safe product and is specially designed for this purpose.

Babycare TENS machines can also be used in conjunction with other methods of pain control e.g. pethidine or other post-operative medication if needed. If you have a Body Clock Stimplus unit you or your partner can also use it on  the recommended ear points to help manage pain control as show under the Ear Point treatment section or use acupressure on those points, as shown on page 21 of our Guide.

Recent Research

Lantsev EA, Smirnov AA. The use of transcutaneous electric neurostimulation for postoperative analgesia in parturients undergoing caesarean section. Anesteziol Reanimatol. 1990 Nov-Dec;(6):66-9. The study was performed in 210 women with caesarean section. In 160 patients analgesia was performed with transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation and in 50 patients narcotic analgesics were used. It has been established that both techniques ensure adequate analgesic effect. At the same time transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, ensuring good to excellent analgesia in 77.5% of women, has no negative effect on haemodynamics and respiratory function and accelerates rehabilitation processes.

Navarro Nuñez C, Pacheco Carrasco M. Transcutaneous electric stimulation (TENS) to reduce pain after cesarean section. Ginecol Obstet Mex. 2000 Feb;68:60-3. This study supports previous findings reporting that transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation induces a decrement of 50% on the total amount of analgesic drugs employed. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation showed to effectively reduce the intensity and duration of pain of cutaneous origin, as well as to reduce pain associated with voluntary movements, in all patients. Our results are indicative that transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation constitutes an alternative treatment in order to reduce postoperative pain during the immediate period following cesarean birth; reduces the requirements of analgesic drugs; helps on keeping alert the mothers and therefore able to attend the newborn; and avoids secondary effects of analgesic drugs over mother-newborn relationship.

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