TENS all the way!

It was going to be our first birth.  When we saw those two little lines appear on the pregnancy test we were thrilled as we had been trying for just under a year to conceive, yet it didn’t start to feel real until we saw that little heartbeat on our first scan.   Then with the first few kicks things got much more real but it wasn’t until our birth classes that we really felt that the big day was close.

In the classes they went through all the things one may experience in the hospital and all the pain relief options that would probably be available.  I loved the idea of the birthing pool so decide to investigate a birthing centre as opposed to delivering in an actual hospital.  After a bit of research, a few calls and a couple of visits, we were booked in at our local birthing centre.

The special day arrived, my contractions seemed to appear out of nowhere.  My waters hadn’t broken and I had no show.  My contractions at this stage were 6 minutes apart, 30 seconds each and very bearable.  I exclaimed to my husband “Gosh if they stay like this for a while I wont need any pain relief for ages!”  However, he reminded me that the TENS machine was most effective if you used it from the beginning of labour.  So he placed the electrodes of my snazzy looking Elle TENS on my back.  It felt very comfortable especially with the unit around my neck.  I got into a good rhythm…contraction…BOOST…and relax…contraction…BOOST…and relax.  It felt like a warm massage and worked quite well with me bouncing on my yoga ball also.

The contractions seemed to be getting stronger but i remained feeling in control.  We decided to go to the birthing centre.  I continued with the TENS machine in the car which was very helpful as it gave me a focus whilst not being in my favourite position.

Once at the birthing centre, they checked me and saw that I was 5cm and said I can go into the birthing pool now.  But I didn’t want to.  Although the contractions had got more painful, I felt like I was getting great relief from the TENS machine and that I was still very much in control of my pain.

Over the next couple of hours I walked and bent on all fours through the contractions starting each one with a BOOST on my TENS machine.  The midwife asked me again if I wanted to get in the birthing pool as that was the main part of my birthing plan but I didn’t, I was doing so well with my Elle TENS.

Things began to get more intense, the midwife checked me again and I was 81/2 cms.  I decided to introduce the Opti Max…WOW what a boost of extra energy! I was amazed! It really did give that bit more required for the end.

All of a sudden I felt the urge to squat and push.  The midwives presented a birthing stool which abled me to remain upright and in a very encouraging position for the baby to come down quickly.  I couldn’t believe that the TENS machine got me all the way to this point.  I kept using it throughout the pushing stage.  Finally, after a big push the midwives smiled and said “Yes!The head is here!Well done!”…after a few more pushes, my very first, delicious baby flew out in a heap.  I couldn’t believe it! I’d done it and TOTALLY naturally! I was over the moon.  I think at that stage I was more elated by having a natural birth with just my Elle TENS than having a beautiful little girl!

If I have another baby I will definitely use the Elle TENS machine – it was incredible!

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