The Advantage of Buying Spare Electrodes

If you have already had a child and had the privilege of using a Babycare TENS machine then you need not read further.  If this is your first time using a TENS then you won’t know how it works and how the different options feel.

“Many studies have revealed that a sense of control is a major contributing factor to a woman’s birth experience and her subsequent well-being.” PubMed, 2003.

It has been discovered that women who feel more in control in labour are calmer, less tense and therefore more comfortable.  A TENS is a precious unit that can instill a real sense of control and calm yet if one doesn’t know how to use it before labour, some of it’s advantages can be masked.

We therefore recommend to try out your TENS before use.  One must not use it on the back but can try it on the forearm and get a very good feel for the different pulse sensations and an overall satisfying grasp of their TENS.  All one needs to do is place the electrodes on their forearm as opposed to their back, read the instructions manual and start getting familiar.  We suggest people buy two packs of electrodes, one for practise and one for the big day.

If you have done this before and felt this experience or article was helpful, please feel free to comment.

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