Intro – Which TENS will suit you best?

Suiting things to your personality seems all the rage these days.

Psychometric tests indicate what careers you’re destined for, Facebook and Google are crammed with quizzes and tests demonstrating ‘What is your perfect pet?’, ‘What type of friends should you socialise with?’, ‘Which car will suit you most?’, ‘Which plant will suit you least?’…the list goes on.  However, I have not yet found a personality test for pregnant women!  Why should they reap different results I hear you cry?…Oh didn’t you know women totally change as soon as they get pregnant?…Just ask their other halves!…Ok, so not everyone totally changes but on a more serious note, it is true that pregnant women do require a few alternative things to what they did before – different clothes, different foods, different ways of relaxing, each different for each woman.  One thing on a pregnant woman’s mind is her choice of pain relief in labour and childbirth.  Many women choose to use a Babycare TENS machine.  The question is which one do you choose?

As you have probably seen on our Babycare TENS website we have a selection of Maternity TENS machines for labour and childbirth to hire and buy.  They are the Obi TENS, Femme TENS, Lady TENS and Elle TENS, all effective but all slightly different to suit the different needs of our clientele.  Here are some suggestions as to what in each are likely to suit whom.

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