The Obi TENS – digital yet simple.

The Obi TENS machine is for the ‘digital generation’ lady but who still needs things to be straight forward and fairly basic.

There are only three controls which are soft buttons located in the centre of the unit.  One is a ‘booster’ button pressed at the beginning of a contraction and the other two are called ‘burst’ buttons which increase or decrease the intensity of the ‘constant’ pulses in between contractions.  For those who prefer soft, non fiddly buttons to dials and a digital interface this is perfect.  Its’ intensity levels are also a little higher than those of the Lady TENS machine so perfect for that first birth by a lady who requires ultimate simplicity.

It’s also very good for those ladies who know that their hospital gown will not have belts or pockets as this lightweight TENS machine has a cord that can be worn loosely around the neck (it does however also have a belt clip if ever required).  However, even if your gown will have pockets or a belt, this neck cord provides extra mobility which is appreciated by many of our clientele.  As this TENS can only be bought it’s an excellent option for those planning on having a couple of births. In addition to this, as it can only be bought and not hired, the company made it extra useful in that it can be used for post labour pain relief too.  It’s fabulous for shoulder, neck and back pain relief which can sometimes last anywhere from a week to a couple of months after childbirth.  It’s also effective for menstrual pain relief which is an excellent addition for those ladies who get cramps before or during their periods.

Overall, an all round highly effective, simple yet ergonomic machine.

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