Using TENS for treating Osteoarthritis

Running around open fields and on the beach with your children, cycling through a forest with the sun peeking through the trees, knitting a beautiful scarf, typing a long email or writing a letter to a good friend…are these mere memories?

As an Osteoarthritis sufferer you may quite possibly be nodding your head in agreement with that last line.

Life is definitely not as easy as it used to be.  Many joints are now stiff and painful to use, be it in the knees, hips, fingers, hands or other places.  Unfortunately the medical world has not developed medication to treat the underlying root which can make the sufferer feel quite deflated. However, there are fabulous ways to keep that pain at bay which don’t have to cost the fortunes that many Osteoarthritis sufferers are forking out each year, one method being TENS Machines.  TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a non-invasive, drug-free method of pain relief.  Place the pads on or near the painful area, switch on the machine and allow soothing pulses to penetrate the skin and stimulate the nerve fibres.  This stimulation sends pain signals to the brain and encourages the body to produce endorphins and encephalitis, the body’s natural pain killers.  It’s a very cheap form of pain relief, buying the unit once and occasionally replacing pads.  It also doesn’t carry any unwanted side effects to another, what was okay previously, part of your body.  It only has positive effect.  Many agree that the pulses are quite relaxing too, so sit down, put your feet up, watch a good programme and let your body start fighting that pain.  The pain relief lasts longer the more frequently you use it.

Share your experiences of Osteoarthritis and pain relief, especially if you have tried TENS machines and found it to be effective.

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