Acupressure to ease Back Pain during Pregnancy

You’re later on in your pregnancy now and that baby is eating away and putting on the pounds.  There are smiles all round when the nurse at the check up says that the baby seems to be gaining weight nicely.  However, with the growing bump comes some growing pains for you, one very common one being back pain.  For those who experienced back pain before pregnancy, it’s very possible that it will return, however there are many women who have never experienced any back problems but will during pregnancy due to the strain on their back from carrying their bump.

Whether it’s sciatica, upper back pain or aches around the lower back, acupressure is a good way of easing that pain which you can do to yourself at any time and it’s free!

Acupressure is pressure most commonly applied by the index finger and the thumb to specific areas of the body called acupoints, which, when stimulated, can decrease a sensation such as pain.

Here are a couple of points to try out for back pain, each done for 1-2 minutes (should be an aching sensation after the first few seconds):

  • Point 1 can be found in that webby bit of skin between the big toe and second toe.
  • Point 2 is found four fingers breadth below the kneecap and slightly to the outer side of the leg.

If you can get someone else to do these to you, even better but certainly not a requirement.

Enjoy and let us know how they go or if any other acupoints have worked for you for back pain.

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