Acupressure for Nausea/Sickness during Pregnancy

You’ve just done the pregnancy test, it’s face down in your hand whilst you and your spouse/partner count the minutes before turning it over…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go! You flick it over and there they both are, two lines, as clear as day…you’re pregnant!  There is excitement and nerves, cuddles and kisses and already talk about names.  The days tick on and the emotions settle with the familiarity of the news but the physical effects begin to kick in…one being nausea.  Some don’t suffer from sickness at all, some get it mildly and some are hit with it hard.  There are not so many things to ease sickness but acupressure and eating something in the morning that will raise the lowered sugar levels have found to be effective.

Acupressure is pressure most commonly applied by the index finger and the thumb to specific areas of the body called acupoints, which, when stimulated, can decrease a sensation such as pain or ease discomfort.

Here are a couple of points to try out specifically for nausea, each done for 1-2 minutes (should be an aching sensation after the first few seconds):

  • Point 1 can be found in that webby bit of skin between the big toe and second toe.
  • Point 2 is found on the inner central part of the wrist (you have probably seen those sea/air sickness bands that are worn here)

If you can get someone else to do these to you, even better but certainly not a requirement.

Enjoy and let us know how they go or if any other acupoints have worked for you for nausea.

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